Relax the mind, rejuvenate the body with steam

Experience the ultimate relaxation after a demanding workweek or intense exercise session by visiting our lavish private steam room. It will expedite your recovery process and give your immune system a boost, enabling you to stay on track with your fitness ambitions.

❄️ Time duration:

  • 15 - 20 mins

❄️ Benifits:

  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction.
  • Improved Circulation.
  • Muscle Relaxation.
  • Respiratory Benefits.
  • Detoxification.
  • Skin Health.
  • Aids in Recovery After Exercise.
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality.
  • Joint and Arthritis Relief.
  • Social and Mental Well-Being.


What is a Steam Room?

Using the invigorating benefits of a Steam Room is a practice that has already been used by ancient cultures such as the Romans and Greeks, who were frequent visitors of such a bathhouse.

Apart from being incredibly relaxing to unwind on hot tiles and soak up the steam, these sessions have very similar benefits to going to a sauna but are more focused on your respiratory system and offer a milder therapy session to most than a sauna.

Regular use of steam rooms has been shown to improve circulation, improve skin health, improve muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and joint pain, detoxification and decrease stress.

What to expect?

To fully enjoy the many steam room benefits, let’s first go over how to use a steam room. 

Stay hydrated. It’s best to have had water before entering the steam room and to have it available to sip during your steam room relaxation time. The best way to avoid dehydration is to continuously drink small amounts of water before you even feel thirsty.

Don’t come into the steam room naked. Even in a single-sex steam room, please don’t come in nude. There really is no need. We advise you to wear a towel & flip-flops while in the steam room for your safety.

Shower first! Ensure you rinse off after working out to wash off any sweat and dirt from your skin. Enter the steam or sauna room only after you are clean and dry. This helps your skin absorb moisture and will increase your steam room benefits!

Keep it short! Stay in the steam shower for shorter periods (15-20 minutes) with a break between sessions, 5 min break outside the room, and then go back inside, repeating this for 3-4 cycles. Let your body cool off and boost your blood circulation with a cold shower when you’re done!

How is it different to a sauna?

Steam rooms and saunas are similar as both are heated rooms, however, a steam room’s humidity will be around 100%, while the humidity in a sauna will hover between 5-20%.

A steam room is created when a water-filled generator pumps steam into an enclosed space, creating moisture in the air. The temperature inside a steam room is generally around 100-120ºF with a high humidity level.

How often should I use the Steam Room?

We recommend 2-3 times a week for no more than 15-20 minutes at a time.

We recommend using a steam room one day after a game, a big training session, or anytime you need to wind down. The steam room is a great place to unwind and loosen up strained muscles and stiff joints. A good steam session may help to improve muscle regrowth and lessen oxidative stress. Steam may reduce lactic acid buildup by dilating the blood vessels and increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood into your cells.

Who should not use the Steam Room?

While there are many benefits associated with a steam room, people using them should do so with caution and be aware of the risks.

The Steam Room is not suitable for the following people:

  • women who are pregnant
  • anyone with heart disease 
  • those with very low or high blood pressure 
  • anyone with epilepsy
  • those taking antibiotics
  • Do not be under the influence of alcohol or heavy medication
  • Do not visit if you are sick with fever, a bacterial infection, the flu or a cold

Due to the heat, there is a risk of dehydrating the body, and it is advisable not to spend longer than 20 mins inside.

Although they’re safe for most people, it’s best to check with your doctor before a steamy sesh if you've certain medical conditions.